Genesight vs genomind


2021. 11. 1. · The GeneSight test analyzes how an individual’s genetic variations affect his or her response to medication and provides an actionable, easy to interpret report. When healthcare providers use the GeneSight test to guide treatment decisions, patients diagnosed with depression are more likely to achieve remission versus treatment as usual. The number which GeneSight establishes as a waypost for their test costs is $330—that is, they maintain that 95% of their clients will pay no more than $330 for one of their tests. The reason for the variation in testing costs is that GeneSight collaborates with insurance providers to suppress the costs of testing for most of their users.

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Genomind's Story We started with a vision to bring genetic insights to mental health treatment and transformed it into a revolutionary precision health platform. A tribute to our founder Genomind was founded over a decade ago by Dr. Ronald Dozoretz, affectionately known as Dr. D (April 1935 - May 2020).

What you can expect to pay for Genomind testing and services Our commitment to you: If using insurance for testing, we will obtain your consent before processing your results if your total out-of-pocket cost will exceed $399. Commercial insurance (US only) The average out-of-pocket cost is between $0 and $399.

level 1. · just now. I did Genesight recently- and so far it appears to have been spot on with meds in the past that never worked. And it's listed 4 meds I've never tried as the medications that could work best with metabolism. 1.