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Back in 2004, 97% of employees who retired after the age of 50, applied for and received disability. The article starts off at the Sunken Meadow golf course, citing how dozens of retired LIRR.

A former Railroad Retirement Board manager facing charges in the Long Island Rail Road disability fraud trial offered an emotional and feisty defense of.




A unique LIRR contract allowed employees to retire at the relatively young age of 50 - the age of eligibility has since changed to 55 - if they had been employed by the LIRR for at least 20 years. Eligible employees are entitled to receive an LIRR pension, which is a portion of the full retirement payment for which they are eligible at 65.

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Retirement and can be found under Payment Options on page 5. •c RAILROAD RETIREMENT OFFSET When you retire, that portion of the Tier II Railroad Retirement Benefit attributable to Metro-North and/or Long Island Rail Road service reduces the retirementbenefit that you will receive. This reduction will start when the Tier II benefit becomes.