Elden ring ranni not appearing reddit

The Elden Ring Ranni quest holds the secret to unlocking one of the best endings in the game. It's not the easiest to find and it's even.

Though Elden Ring sports a wide variety of intriguing NPCs and questlines to follow, few are as long or hold as much weight as that of Ranni the Witch. Not only does her quest span the entire game. The Spirit Calling Bell is one of the most important items in Elden Ring.However, some players are finding Renna isn’t appearing to give. Of note, Ranni will not allow players to serve her unless they have defeated one of two bosses in Elden Ring: General Radahn in Caelid, or Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon at the Raya Lucaria Academy. If players do agree to serve Ranni, they will begin one of the most complex questlines in the game and even potentially change the ending.

In Elden Ring, Renna is the NPC who gives you the all-important Spirit Calling Bell along with your first Ashes, the Lone Wolf Ashes. But meeting Renna is not inevitable, as you have to backtrack.




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The Capital is the central location in Elden Ring , where the ruling demigods reside. To reach this location, you will need to travel northeast from the Grand Lift and then east up the large steps. used hybrid caravans for sale; office team names; mini dachshund puppies for sale upstate ny.