10dpo spotting when wiping

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10dpo spotting :/: Hi, just after some advice. I'm due to start IVF this month and my period is due this weekend. I started spotting brown yesterday which I thought was a bit early, middle of the night I went to the toilet and it was red blood when wiping.

IB is actually fairly uncommon, but you are in the right time frame for it. I think the spotting should stop shortly if it's IB. Wait a few more days and test again! 9 years ago. 0 0 0 0. Kalliniki. Hello Myrita, I recently spotted on 11 DPO had a negative test that day. 12 DPO spotted, light line BFP, though GP took test on that day was negative..




10 DPO is the point in your pregnancy when many women start to experience early signs of pregnancy. However, it may also be your period coming. High progesterone, whether from your menstrual cycle or pregnancy, can cause similar symptoms. You may already be familiar with PMS symptoms such as cramps, fatigue, sore breasts, bloating, and backaches.

Implantation bleed: Implantation bleeding is much more common on the internet than in real life. It occurs rarely and exclusively in someone who is pregnant. The only way to know if someone had implantation bleeding or just irregular menstrual bleeding is to wait and see if you are pregnant. If your test is positive then this was implantation.

It feels like a period, not heavy but too heavy for implantation I would say. I did a test at what would have been 10dpo just to see and it was negative. I would have now been 13dpo but I carried on doing my opks to test my cycle and the last 3 mornings they've been pretty dark.