Ktm auto decompression problem

Jul 11, 2001 · Oct 17, 1999. 110. 0. Jul 10, 2001. #1. I have looked all over for the correct location of the low speed compression release hole in the cylinder of my 98 KTM 380. I just had to tear the entire bike down to repair the kickstarter mechanism for the umpteenth time. While it's apart I'd like to add the compression release hole that the '99 and up ....

Auto decompression - 77236015100. Ktm beach equipment; Ktm girls equipment; Ktm hoodie & sweater; Ktm jackets; Ktm kid equipment. Auto decompression available for sale at KTM Newcastle . KTM Online Parts is your Official #1 Authorised Retailer for KTM Australia - Spare Parts, PowerParts, PowerWear, New & Used Bikes - Ph:(02) 4037 3333 - KTM Newcastle. ... Auto decompression. Part Number. 77236015100. Description. Auto decompression. Price. 32.20 +1 to Cart; Checkout; Qty. Jun 23, 2015 · Steps for Performing a Compression Test (Cold) 1. Remove the seat from the bike. 2. Remove the fuel tank and radiator shrouds from the bike. Make sure the petcock is turned off, if the bike is equipped with one before removing the fuel line. Use a rag to catch any fuel draining from the line. 3..

A heavy cardio workout later, it was apparent that the compression was lacking. I did a quick compression gauge check and discovered a 95 PSI cranking compression issue. (To assure an accurate reading, make sure the auto-decompression mechanism is not holding the valves open when performing a compression test!).




drpowell / auto-decompress Go PK Goto Github PK. 1 1 0 112 KB. Haskell library to automatically decompress a file when opening. Example, to print the uncompressed length of the file "test.gz". I shot this for a friend just now and thought it might of interest to others. Cam sprocket and rocker arms from a KTM RFS. Probably an old 520 of 2001 vinta.

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Power valve set up is one of the most vital parts of improving the performance on your KTM 65 for all types of racing – Motocross, dirt track or enduro. An easy way to improve and adjust the racing performance on your KTM65 is the VHM power valve adjuster fitted as part of the VHM gold anodised cylinder head and power valve bowl.. "/>.