Diy black duck decoys

POOR MAN'S GUIDE: DIY OVER-THE-COUNTER MULE DEER HUNTS. Below is the third article of the Poor Man's Hunting Guide Series. It contains the best decoys to pack plus how and where to use them. You are going to spend a lot of time getting to where you need to hunt, so you best be sure you're packing the right gear and using the right decoy.

Deadly Decoys. Deadly Decoys. Jackite. Lucky Duck. Nra Fud. Sport Plast.

These life-like 20" sized duck decoys are made from virgin polyethylene for durability. The lifelike carving and paint finish details on the hen and drake will add a life like detail and variety to any spread. Whether you are starting your first decoy set-up or looking to add to your spread of decoys. (260003) $249.00.




Goose/Duck Decoys - $650 Listing ID: 66675. Classified Info.

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Make sure the cane and decoy are flexible enough to allow movements. Staple the bottom side to trap air in windy weather. At the frontal side of the cane make two shapes that resemble an eye. Each side glues an eye and attache two triangular shapes that resemble the beaks. You now have a sketch of the crow decoys.