Bell and spigot cast iron pipe

Cast-iron bell and spigot pipe over 2" is used for the drainage inside the house and for the vent system. These pipes come in standard lengths of 5" and up to 6" in diameter. For most purposes, a 4" pipe will be sufficient except for the kitchen sink-drain, where a 2" pipe is used. Cast-iron pipe is cut with a cold chisel. See Fig 24.

Originally, cast-iron pipe was made with flanged joints, using lead gaskets. Improved joints of this type are still used for many aboveground plant instal-lations and other specialized applications. Bell and spigot . The bell and spigot joint was developed in.

Abstract: A pipe joint and a locking member for use with the pipe joint are provided for a bell and spigot type joint, the locking member being a separate element disposed axially outwardly of a fluid seal gasket within the bell end of a first of the pipe elements, the locking member being made up of an elastomeric backing member and at least.





The Style 160 clamp features a hinged, wraparound spigot ring design. There are no clips and the spigot sections have serrated ends that bolt together. 6 Style 60 and 160 Bell Joint Clamps For repair of cast iron bell and spigot joints Material Specifications Rings Cast Ductile Iron to ASTM A536 Bolts and Nuts AWWA C111/A21.11 Spigot Ring Bolts.

A steel pipe element and a pipe joint for steel pipe are provided, in which the steel pipe element has a bell end including a necked-down terminal end, an annular recess portion extending axially inwardly of the necked-down portion, and being of greater interior diameter than a main cylindrical section of the pipe. A gasket retaining ring is secured in the bell end at a position extending.