John deere pto stopped working

Answer (1 of 5): Assuming you have checked all the usual and customary items and it still won't fire up, there is one more tricky item that has given me fits, from time to time. This problem usually exists after the mower has sat for awhile. On many JD models, there is an electric solenoid opera.

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The PTO stopped working once before then suddenly started up again. i hate to pull out the solenoid if it is an electrical issue - also, if one pulls the PTO switch and gets to of the seat, the tractor, as it should, dies. ... Recently my PTO on my john deere 2210 would not come on. In an attempt to figure out what was wrong I disconnected the.

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The PTO module can go bad and create a problem for your John Deere tractor. If you are trying to locate this relay module, you are most likely to find it near the fuse panel. Having confirmed the issue with the relay module, replace it with a new one. Speed Sensor The speed sensor is yet another cause that can result in a PTO problem.